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Solace at Dusk - Ebony Sago

From dusk to dawn,

I think of you.

I sit in my room and write letters on top of letters,

Full of feelings I have tried to construe.

From dusk to dawn,

I replay the memories in my head.

Thoughts of where we went wrong,

Attempt to replace the good instead.


From dusk to dawn,

I pray for your entire being, especially your mind.

Blow after blow life hits,

Yet I only hope it’s peace you will find.

In due time.

It’s dusk.

The dawn has come and went.

I spent too many, too much thinking of you.

Giving you the time of day

Has begun to feel like torment.

We may never meet again,

Never speak, and that’s okay.

I’ve found solace in the fact that

You were just not meant to stay.


Ebony Sago is a 23-year-old independent writer who has been crafting poetry since the age of 12. As a military brat who relocated often, she found solace in writing down her many emotions and looked to poetry as an outlet. Now as a college student studying English Literature at Texas A&M University, Ebony desires to continue connecting with others through the beauty of words, sharing how to love oneself throughout the journey, and diving deeper into the rabbit hole of poetry.


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