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Leaving My Younger Self - Matilda Bray

Bury me

With Slinky’s that intertwine

Metallic twang

No more

Twilight purple and Fanta orange

Dollar store

Bury me with sticky jams

In ingrained glass

Lids all gummy

My little hands


Organic brands

Bury me

With skirts of powder pink

Stains I couldn’t find

Memories of twirling

Till the base layer showed


Rose gold

Bury me

With flavored Chapstick

Cherry and strawberry

Wrappers where princesses dance around

Their noses small

Eyes big and round

Bury me with my insecurities

My friendless days

And timid ways

The trends I followed

Just to stay

With people who hurt me anyway


Matilda Bray is currently in the tenth grade, at Solebury School. In 2018 she published her first book entitled, Under The Moon as My Sun with most of her proceeds going to the Children's Literacy Initiative of Philadelphia. Matilda is a voracious reader, cross-country runner, and writer who regularly competes at open poetry contests. She was featured on PhillyCam for the 2019 Philly Loves Poetry Interview and Reading Series. In 2020-2021 she participated in seven virtual poetry readings with the Moonstone Press and was interviewed on the Moonstone Poetry Podcast. Matilda has been published in the Schuylkill Valley Journal, Tipton Poetry Journal, Rattle, River Poets Journal, and the Moonstone Anthology. Matilda resides with her supportive family and beloved dog, Tuck, in Bucks County, PA.



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