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I Fell. - Sophia Caselnova

Fall was always my favorite;

Halloween, foliage, pumpkins.

The crisp cool air that causes goose bumps,

but doesn’t yet make you shiver.

The season brings people together

despite the end of warmth and sun tans.

Decor begins to line streets

and people stock up on treats.

Autumn is home.

Home to my joy;

Home to my inspiration;

Home to my fondest memories.

Amongst those memories is you:

Your blue jeans and freshly shined brown boots,

Your lit cigarette and your wide smile,

Your fluffy brown hair and bright eyes.

But just like the season,

you came and went.

And just like the leaves,

I fell.


Sophia Caselnova is a student in Western Connecticut State University’s Master of Fine Arts program. Sophia lives in Connecticut and is a journalist in Westchester County, New York. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring her surrounding small, New England towns and their second hand book stores.


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