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Wrong Men, Poor Choices

1973 was a year of wrong men and poor choices. Harlan left her with two concurrently running STDS infections to marry an older woman. Billy Ray was on the rebound but fathered the child she had really wanted from Harlan. Eventually, however, there was a plane trip to Washington DC, where she could still have the abortion that she really didn’t want, but Mama talked her into wanting. After the STDS infections were cleared up and after the abortion, Marcus arrived, but unfortunately, came out at her dinner party a week before their wedding was supposed to take place, but of course, didn’t.


Karen Arbogast is a writer of flash fiction. She has been published in Crux, 101 Words, Decasp, Sad Girls Club and others. She lives a simple life in Flyover Country, USA with her two dogs, Buffy and Reba.


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