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Whole - Konrad Ehresman

I see how you wait for him,

hoping the warmth of your breath will be enough for him to bloom into the man you deserve,

but it won’t be.

You must understand that-

he is simply one drop short of the river you make him out to be,

Not quite as grand but just as dangerous,

Look at him and see that he is one tree short of the forest you long to surround yourself with,

dense enough to lose yourself,

But no room for a home,

You met while wandering,

but he, as bright as he may shine,

will always be one star short of guiding you home,

For he is incomplete,

and you, no matter how hard you try,

Cannot give yourself to make him whole.


Konrad Ehresman is an emerging poet and author based in Los Angeles California. When he's not baking or eating bread, you can find him reading old books and scribbling in notebooks. You can find more of his work on Instagram @callmemomrad


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