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When Her Flowers Bloom - Justin Litke

Her silky white skin glows under the sun

With the deepest soul stealing eyes

Her lips curve with each word spoken

Her head tilts as she sighs

A voice soothing the deadest of souls

Bodies tingle within her touch

Her smile puts rest the busiest of minds

In return she never asks much

The sight of her brings the purest of smiles

Thoughts of her gives strength to passing days

She caresses the flower and takes a deep breath

And in this place I choose to stay


Justin Litke's writings often flirt with his shadows which dance in a burning light. Mental health, energy, self awareness, light and dark are all catalyst for his melancholy themes. His catalog consists of dozens upon dozens of notebooks and post-it-notes scattered throughout his secluded Kansas home. For more of his work and other eccentric perceptions on himself, others, life and this universe, visit his website at



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