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Wanting To Heal - Kara Muller

I want to heal. I want to be free.

I ask for these things but what do they mean?

How does one heal? How does one grow?

When emotions trap you in the undertow.

Outcast, aside, left all alone

These are the fears that haunt my home

Dysregulation of emotions, out of control

Striving to achieve, I miss the goal.

How is it that I can’t seem

To do what’s right or best for me

I envision a life I want to lead

Feeling overwhelmed, I smoke more weed.

I feel alive, it all makes sense

Until I come down, back to my mess

Numbing the pain is all I know

Will I ever learn to let it go?

Stuck in the cycle, feeling weak

Mind is spinning but I can’t speak

Feeling worthless, empty inside

Anger and rage intensified.

I want to heal. I want to be free

No longer blurring my reality

Perspectives can shift, change and align

Is what I am told when I call the hotline.


Kara Muller is a poet and lyricist who recently relocated to Seattle from sunny California. Although she misses the coast, she says the rainy weather sets the perfect tone for writing. Her poetry and songs are an expression of emotions that we oftentimes have a hard time articulating. Kara is an advocate of self-healing and encourages others to uncover and work through their trauma in order to live their best life. In her spare time, you can find her walking in nature, creating art, and on the hunt for the best gluten-free and vegan bakery.



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