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Vessel For Joy - Jennifer Friedman

Day breaks on this lurid temptress

who embodies the world’s soul.

She breathes fire mist onto his loins and

he is captured in her web.

Then alone with her he weeps.

You can leave but keep your lips here, he said.

His eyes were focused on the dark.

Please leave me your lips and then you can fade.

Alone with a destroyer of thoughts

who can almost taste the fragrance of her hair and

in her mind, 10 deadly creatures rising up from the dust

chasing her down the other side of the mountain.

If you are my match, meet me on the other side, she says.

How can this ‘kind’ man whose eyes are the purest brown

love a girl to death without uttering a sound?

Then the whisper: Your kisses are like silk, but hers are velvet.

Ah the veins upon her skin

looking good.

Imagination running again.

Trying to be but feeling instead.

Trying to learn but feeling instead.

Breathless their bodies again.

And forgetting of love from before,

she gives again and again.


Jennifer Friedman was born in NY, lived in Southern California for 15 years and currently resides in Florida. She has been a writer of poetry since age 14 and loves digging deep into the mind, body and universe as a massage therapist and certified CranioSacral therapist. She loves hiking, swimming, and nature in general. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and of course, poetry.


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