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Vagabond Soul - Stephanie Lamb

Do you see? Do you see how the sky breaks and weeps for you? How it births stars hoping to envelope you. And you unknowingly hold the spirit of the universe in your calloused palms. Years spent wallowing, gripping, reaching from the shallow grave you shackle your heart in. Where truth slips through the ether and love only resides in swords drawn from mouths that have waited eons to speak. But even I know how the vagabond soul cannot be silenced. How whispered prayers turn to howls during hurricanes. How kingdoms crumble in the name of good intentions. And I still wonder when you are lying breathless and bare in the midnight glow next to your lover... I wonder darling, do she and I feel the same?


Stephanie Lamb began writing at a young age but primarily kept her work in private journals. In her mid 20's she went through severe writer's block while seeking medical intervention for insomnia and anxiety. She rediscovered her voice and now writes to empower others and give a voice to the voiceless. She writes for her own healing, and shares her work hoping it helps others find healing as well. She writes on many topics and genres, including confessional, love, fantasy, fan-fic, historical, and stream-of-thought. She is also a monthly horoscope columnist for Emotional Alchemy Magazine based out of New Jersey. To see a more comprehensive collection of her work, you can find her on Instagram and Facebook @stephanielambpoetry


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