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Us - Christine Nanfra

I am reminded of yesterday,

when we wanted to believe

our love was eternal,

and time, like reality

would never catch up with us.

We bought a Dutch colonial,

made a home, and some kids.

We believed in the dream

We believed in us.

Reality hit home;

two lost souls

searching for a false security;

searching for the person we married,

only to find the person we married.

The seasons changed,

the White House bore different names,

and the margin of our views widened.

But what about us?

The laughs subsided.

Tension grew like stubborn mold

in the bathroom tub.

Our waning love

couldn’t wash it away,

any more than the smell of bitters and cordials

that hung on your clothes like a dependent child.

The hidden hotel receipts came into view,

with no thought to us.

I abhorred the arrogance

you courageously displayed while

intoxicated, and

condemned you for the lack

of spirit when sober.

The smiles faded; the heart weakened.

Then one day I just knew,

our time together was done.

There could no longer be an us.


Christine Nanfra began writing about divorce after living through one. She has a website and is a contributing writer for She has been featured in the Huffington Post and The Good Men Project and a guest speaker for several podcasts. Christine is the author of To Stay or Not to Stay: How to Know When it’s Time to Leave Your Marriage. Recently relocated from the Northeast to the Southwest, she is employed as a reading specialist for K-3. Christine also writes for children and is optimistic a few children’s books will be forthcoming to a bookstore near you.


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