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Une Autre Danse Traumatisante - Camille Wilk

Dancing in the dark, this sweet

catharsis engulfs my heart and

folds into my mind as a whirlwind of

post-traumatic stress.

Shame shrouds my scars in

shadowy light, as they contort and

conform to what their body tried so

hard to be.

And so, I dance in the dark, every

night, in a boy’s basement, in a

boxy black t-shirt which blends

seamlessly into the billowing shock

of what I used to be.

Developpé, pirouette, ronde de

jambe, frappe.

I strike myself down into the floor—

parts of me, all of me, the

memories, the shame, racing

thoughts and a jumping heartbeat.

I cannot stop dancing in the dark,

as shadows soutenu around

something deep and dizzying.


Camille Wilk is a developing poet. Poetry is more than a hobby, more than a passion-- it is her way of coping, and it has become an addictive outlet for her.


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