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Trapped In The Mirror - Sarah L. Luther

Men don’t like an angry woman

Women can be somewhat reflections of men

And as women

We must smile to reflect on the men that they’ve done a good job

And we’re happy about it

We must listen and follow their lead to reflect on them

That they are smart and wise

That they are strong leaders

We must not complain or say no or fight our way out

Because they are men who are full of integrity and character

And we mustn’t reflect on them the way they ignored our no and took advantage of us

We mustn’t reflect the way they claimed it was her regret and not his shame

They cannot handle looking in the mirror and seeing a predator instead of a protector

So we mustn’t be angry, us women

We mustn’t reflect on the men the way they’ve failed us

They cannot handle failing manhood

So we must smile until our face hurts

And fail at being women

Keeping the mirror angled just so

Allowing them to never see

Distracting the men with the smile they asked for

Because men don’t like an angry woman

Because men can’t handle themselves

Because men are sensitive creatures

But men are not allowed to be

So women mustn’t be either


Sarah Luther is a new writer currently based in Colorado. Her work consists of poetry, prose, short stories, and fiction. She has two self-published poetry books available, and you can find her work at



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