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to moxie by the front door - Rachel Baila

you said i would unravel

without you,

but i’ve never been so

tightly woven within myself

as the day there was

no more us

and i knew your fragile

hands would not find

the skin i shed when

you were my darkness.


Rachel Baila is a writer, holistic-healing practitioner, educator, and editor based in beautiful East Tennessee. Her poetry, articles, and travel-writing have been published in print and online in numerous journals, but her soft spot is with Fauxmoir Lit Mag, where she serves as chief editor. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a Master of Arts in Teaching, as well as further education in literacy studies.

She can be found on Instagram @baila_rae and @fauxmoir_lit_mag and on Twitter @baila_rae and @fauxmoir.


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