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To let in the air - Kyrin Sturdivant

he opens the windows,

because the brick walls

seem to love trapping in

[ the heat ]

reminiscent of his mother’s arms in youth;

[ but the cold ]

now feels strange,


alone, it forces the mind to jump

from shelter to elsewhere,

[ feeling ]

like the leap from teen

to adult, it overwhelms

the blinds, crashing above the sill,

pushing them out to see the sea

of wind, of bills to pay and

thoughts to weigh out

[ of survival, breaking— ]

thrashing through the pages of his calendar

like thoughts he sifts through at night,

before closing his eyes to find them



Kyrin Sturdivant is a BFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN, as well as a multimedia artist, who enjoys film, theatre, dance, and all forms of creative writing.


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