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This Is Where I Walk - Mike Cullinane

This is where I walk.

In the hour of the red dawn

Washing the twilight in my mind.

Displaying the imperfections,

The obstructions to overcome daily,

Charting a path both near and infinite.

This is where I walk.

Along a road where I find my way,

Not abdicating to some higher power,

Some hurtful past event,

Simply seeking the next smile

And the dawning warmth of a new start.

This is where I walk.

The dust of grievance left behind,

Cleansing from my soles of waste,

The free air filling lungs,

The heartbeat raising with my pace,

In the gracefulness of new light.


Mike Cullinane has been writing for most of his life: post cards, letters, poetry, a brief journalism career and spellbinding corporate presentations. His point of view is mostly extrospective, motivated by outdoor experiences where he lives, however this submission is a more personal giving the circumstances of the rising sun of that day. He has contributed to Failed Haiku and to anthologies published by Moonstone Arts Center of Philadelphia. Most days he is the project manager of his own life, serving friends and family as needed, while being mentored by two year old.


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