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this body - Noor Charif

i wonder how it would feel to feel good in this body

to wake up and not wish this stomach away

the only mountain there a home for a child not yet here

i wonder how it would feel to love my chest

to not strain against the wire and padding desperately trying to

bring together what i suppose are two sworn enemies

i wonder how it would feel to love these thighs

to know that the jiggle supports the rest of me

that what’s there is the muscle of a dancer and nothing more

i wonder how it would feel to accept myself as i am

to no longer worry how any man will react

when i take my clothes off and

there is nothing left to hide behind

but society’s ideals and the space in between


Noor Charif (she/her) grew up in Dubai and is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University studying Biology and English. She has been writing poetry for years, sharing stories of women empowerment and body dysmorphia. When she isn't writing, Noor enjoys the performing arts and knitting as other creative outlets.



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