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Thirty (Part One) - Stepy Kamei

You could

Break me right in

half with

A million filaments of

Something like a

siphoning; perhaps more of a

Carjacking; blighting

A most

Moonlit mind with

Something like,

“Here, dear

One. I’ll hold you now.”

Something like an apology

Thirty years gestating.

Something like a god

Telling me:

“You’ve done it, dear one.

The lights are on.

You can go home.”


Stepy Kamei's work has appeared in journals including Gyroscope Review, FIVE:2:ONE Magazine, Grim and Gilded, The Pointed Circle, and Calamus Journal. She received her B.A. in Linguistics from San Francisco State University. In addition to writing, she frequently performs in interactive and globally-accessible theater productions.


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