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These Hills tell the Story - Liliana Berumen

The night was cold over the Southwestern hills

I miss holding his rings

to imagine their labeled as mine

but we learned of the lies from love and fate

So, I can’t bring myself to leave the house

and walk into the streets:

bare breasted and open armed.


Liliana Berumen is a twenty-year old aspiring writer in the Tampa area. She has spent eight years studying and perfecting the craft of poetry. For high school she attended performing arts Creative Writing program under the study of a published author. Liliana has won several awards for her writing including the Scholastic Arts Gold Key award and has been published in magazines. Currently she is an undergraduate student in the creative writing program at the University of South Florida. She hopes to become a published poet as well as a professor in poetry studies. However, she has always said when it comes to her writing that she hopes her work can help people and understand the world in the way she does.



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