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The Sagacity of You - Cindy Barrineau Curtis

The wonder, the terror, the mixture of you

The unleashed power you have yet to claim

The seesaw of joy and sorrow you navigate

Eerie sunlight slipping inside grey clouds

Heavy with unshed tears

Builds you up

Takes you down

Learn from the downside as much as from the upside

Take in all the subtle lessons

covertly and overtly placed

around your small soul

sort the value

weigh the conflicting content with your heart rather than your mind

Feel rather than think

Value every single second of the learning

Lessons on the edges of the classroom

The side where no one sees who you are

The dirt packed playground

Sweat runs down red cheeks furrows of wildness

The pulsing mass of the students in the hallway

Each one has value to shape you, teach you, control you, reach you

Some you let drift away,

some embed themselves in your heart forever,

Some you learn to run from.

Perfect in your own unique way

So much time wasted as you learn that most important lesson of all

Comparing yourself to others is the garish and selfish robber

who steals your time and talent

Makes you fight between superior judge or unworthy friend

Becoming the person you were made to be

Learn all that you can

Give your best in the small things.

All the myriad learning adds up to

The sagacity of You


Cindy Barrineau Curtis writes for the love of the craft. A retired educator, she works part time, learns full time, and keeps writing every chance she gets.


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