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The Child Poet - Emmalyn Danvers

the child poet grows best in muddy shallows under sunshine with storms on the horizon

planted as she was in the forgotten yesterdays of a legacy garden overgrown with thistle and weeds

she spins tales of Saturday morning heartbreak daddy’s axes laying waste to her dreams

innocence reaped in poppy fields, blood red blooming on her thighs

fairytales become lamentations lost love, future her nectar dripping from thieving fingers

some two decades from now, her elegant wild vines like hope will spread beyond the poisoned soils of her youth

July storms in turn become crisp apple Octobers as the child poet, now grown, carries the pen of experience

with which to write herself in unscrambled thoughts a sieve to make bounty of her sorrow-curdled milk


Emmalyn Danvers is the pen name of a not-lost but wandering spirit. She is a librarian, lover, & perpetual observer of the world. She prefers a little coffee with her cream, dancing amidst thunderstorms, and dark literary fiction that will twist your soul. Emmalyn is the author of A Tendency Dark and Dangerous.



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