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The Battle of a Tuesday - Alexandra Enright

Everything is fine

as it appears on the surface.

You are

engaged, your home is furnished

you look better

than you’ve ever looked.

But something

beside the heart

and the ribs

tells you to lay fetal

on the cold

wood floor.

It paralyzes you.

You lay motionless. Other than

an occasional phone glance

or sip of lukewarm water,

a pat of the dog that lies beside you.

Internal breath is labored.

You wonder how long this one will last.

You think

maybe this one

will do you in.

Until a quarter past four '

when you rise up,

prepare for him to enter,

shake off the remnants of the day’s battle.

Though there is no wreckage.

Other than a half drunken, cold cup of coffee,

festering dishes in the sink

and the pieces of you


from you scalp

fallen to the floor.

You know he’ll kiss you,

ask how was your day​ ​?

And you will tell him nothing

of your fight.


Ali Coman is a writer and English teacher in Portland, Oregon. She earned degrees in poetry and journalism from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and a Masters of Education from Portland State University.



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