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tea - Rachel Beavers

all i know how to do

is make tea. in the mornings, when i first wake up and my eyes are still

crusted over with sleep, when you and i

have breakfast together

with fried eggs that you have to make because i

can’t quite get the yolks sunshine-y

and fried potatoes crisped just right in the pan, i know

you like ginger turmeric that

stains the mug orange if i don’t wash it out

fast enough. at least i can contribute

green tea with lots of sugar, when you’re

afraid and you leak salt into my t-shirt

and the pillows and the couch and i can’t

soothe you because i haven’t had enough

practice. i can’t rock you back to sleep but i can make

chamomile at night with a splash of

chocolate milk that will settle your mind

and your stomach, so you can rest while i watch you

with a wrinkle in between my eyebrows.

in the morning i wake up with my neck displaced and my eyes still

crusted over with sleep, to stumble to the kitchen where i can make myself

earl grey tea cut with oat milk to keep my teeth white. enough

caffeine (which you won’t drink) to jolt me awake for breakfast and eggs with

sunshine-y yolks and crispy potatoes and ginger turmeric tea

that stains the mug orange if i don’t wash it out fast enough.


Rachel Beavers lives in Los Angeles, CA with her partner and the meager far-off promise of future pets. She spends most of her time watching bad TV, weaving, or playing tennis. Rachel works at a writing school and often takes classes to further her craft.



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