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Syntax - Kristi Polidore

she always tried

to clean up

dried eggs and pancake

battered across the stove

top of the dresser dust-covered

months since we had enough

time to get a haircut

knees from all the wrestling

this little boy does

our life together mean less

or more for us

when days become long

towered blocks skyscraping

dishes paralyzed in the kitchen

she sits hoping her boys know

everything was going to be

the best it could on those days

where she tried

to remember when

the last word never spoke

quite enough


Kristi Polidore is a writer, professor, and mother who resides in Asbury, New Jersey. She is currently working on her first book, a memoir, which she hopes to publish within the year. Kristi spends most her time with her two young boys, her husband, and their rescue pups and chickens.


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