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Synonyms for Female - Jonny Shae Ransbottom

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Synonyms for

Synonyms for female


Women, lady, girl, school girl, matron,

Dowager, lass, chick, filly, girly,

Biddy, popsy, besom,

Jane, broad, babe,frail,

Maid, petticoat

Derogatory> tart, bit, mare, baggage

Offensive> bitch, piece

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Synonyms for

Synonyms for male


Masculine, virile, manly, macho,

Red-blooded, man, boy,

Schoolboy, youth, young man,

Laddie, guy, fellow,

Gent, mother’s son,

Chap, dude,

Opposite> female

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Synonyms for Female:


Created. Creator.

Girl. Daughter. Sister. Lover.

Mediator. Peace maker. Advocate. Teacher.

Strength. Storm. Waves. Earth.

Force. Orbit. Power.


It all began with her.


Jonny Shae Ransbottom is the author of several essays and poems, including “Swim,” which was published by Minerva Rising’s “The Keeping Room.” She enjoys writing all genres, and finds herself drawn to the raw and real stories of love and hardship, particularly those that speak to the feminine experience. As an educator, she believes in the passion of writing as a tool for connection and healing. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Lindenwood University in 2023 and continues to write diverse works of poetry, fiction, and lyrical nonfiction.


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