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Snowflake - Sara Wetmore

My heart has been hung like a wet rag, twisted and wrung,

left out to dry until it is ultimately forgotten..

My heart has been suffocated, deprived of breath,

a gust that bursts the air out of a willing vessel.

My heart has been grazed by razor blades, light and fast,

but blood spewed and sputtered anyway until

one day,

it stopped.

You hold my heart, and I hold yours, too.

Mine is a river stone that shifts with the water,

but will never ever leave, and yours:

a snowflake on skin,

singularly magnificent,

but delicate

and impermanent.

You say your love is not unconditional,

but it’s still the purest love I’ve ever known.


Sara Wetmore – once a nonfiction author, then a romance novelist, now a poet – seeks to savor authentic human connection and critique the systems that hinder it.


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