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Simple Pleasures - Jeremy Scott

I go on a drive with you.

The destination is not

known. That’s the point,

the journey. Holding

hands until one of

us realizes that

we’re squeezing.

You are the reason

I think so clear,


Now it is raining

and we are at our

favorite place,

the library. We

run inside getting

soaked to the bone

in the process. You

took off your shoes

so they wouldn’t

get wet. Your footprints

are now on the cement

under the awning.

I think of those

toes, the curve

of your arch,

the way those

feet fall into

place, wet with

the rain,

repletion of

the thought, patter,

patter, pat.

You laugh as my rubber clogs squeak, so do I, as we hold hands yet again and enter the building’s light.


Jeremy Scott is from Albany, Georgia. He is a full-time writer and poet living with a mental health disability. He has been previously published in eris & eros review and Plants & Poetry Journal. He has a forthcoming publication in October in Beyond Words Magazine. His website is


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