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Shower Thoughts - Kylan Carter

Did you know the word familiar has liar in it?

Right there at the end.

I’m not saying this for some well planned

Extravagant metaphor,

Simply an observation

I wonder which came first,

Familiar or liar?

I feel like it was familiar


Its not like I know the origins of language and all its complexities

I do wonder why the word liar has to be there

It makes the word mundane and—


I can’t help but feel bad for familiar

Its not like it chose to be that way


Maybe its just making me notice things

Sometimes I feel like a liar.

Even when I haven’t lied

When I keep things to myself or brush something off as


I wonder why humans do that,


Perhaps it because lying is familiar

The expected, go-to, scape goat.

People lie to keep the peace

Prevent tragedy

Prolong the inevitable.

Truth is inevitable

Familiar is subjective

And lies are



Still, I feel at one point or another

Warm hugs can become hard fist

And a home can become a hell

So, does that mean the familiar

Becomes the liar?


Kylan Carter is a young writer pursuing a BA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction at Columbia College Chicago. She is a copyeditor and reviews editor and for HairTrigger Literary Magazine. A resident of Augusta, Georgia, Kylan lives with her two dogs, while writing whenever she can.



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