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Shit - Angelica Liu

I know life has ups and downs,

Swings from high to low,

but now…

I feel stuck in limbo Hung in midair like a pendulum

That has lost its momentum Struggling against a dark desire To crash to the ground.

Swarms of annoying thoughts Hum around and around Like flies you can’t wave off



Make me feel like shit….


Angelica Liu resides and works as a teacher in Hangzhou, China. A native Chinese speaker, she has a great affinity for the descriptive power of written English. Even though she has never been to an English-speaking country, she has a passion for writing in English and writes primarily for an English-speaking audience. She has a myriad of interests, but tends toward such topics as metaphysics, the nature of love, the quantum universe, and the beauty of the natural world. She maintains a popular blog in China, her work has appeared in a number of Western publications, and in 2019 she was nominated for Push Cart Award. She is influenced by ee cummings, Milan Kundera, Carl Jung, and Joyce Kilmer--among others. She can often be found in a coffee shop, her writing pad open and a cup of coffee within easy reach.



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