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Self Reflections - India Hopper

The knife moves from heel

To knee to thigh

A slim AK47

A pencil with a blade

Curved in circles and swirls

Up my soft legs

I drink in the dark

And look up questions

that don’t have answers

A gender dystopia

I fear will rear its ugly head

Build the bunker under the cellar

But you’ve nothing to fear so you laugh at me

My memory palace

Exists in spaces we don’t touch anymore

Gone but we still dance in them

An aged temple of doom

Finance and power suits scare me

And I’ve got a whole lot of money

But I can’t pay rent

A writer who doesn’t write

Something I was never meant to be

But I can’t seem to shake

The image

Of the river

Swallowing Virginia



India Hopper is a 31 year old Australian woman writer. She has lived in the United States and the UK but is now happily settled in Sydney. She has a Master's from King's College, London and a BA from Hampshire College in Massachusetts. India is currently studying for her second Master's in Creative Writing from the University of Technology, Sydney. At the moment, she is working on a feminist political thriller.


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