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Routines - Kate Leddy

She asks me if I’ve made a routine for myself / All that comes to mind is / how I move the plants / in my bedroom / closer to the windowsill / every morning / put them back on dresser / every night / In between there is coffee / passing hellos / cracked hands / lit stove / I drink in so much sunlight / my skin burns / like a fever / I talk myself off the windowsill / growth can be such / slow-going / agony / even when the bedroom / looks brighter for it


Kate Leddy is a writer and mental health activist from Westchester County, New York. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon and still has strong opinions about bagels. Kate most recently competed in the 2020 Women of The World Poetry Slam and the 2019 Bigfoot Regional Poetry Slam. You can find more of Kate's work including her 2019 publication Homesick Season on her website at


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