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Revision is Always an Option - Jen Schneider

There’s a setting for every story

and a season for all senses. Though

not all pages pair with all potions,

and not all parchment promises

perfection, never doubt the magic

of your words, worlds, and whimsy.

1: A beloved living thing – friend, pet, family member, other

2: A physical object that brings you great comfort

3: Something you might wrap yourself in when cold, tired, or sad

4: An activity that brings you joy

5: Author of a favorite childhood book

6: An admired heroine or super hero

7: An often masked action hero

8: Something in need of repair. Noun.

9: Something in need of love. Noun.

I’m easily distracted. Today, I was easily aggravated. For the smallest of reasons and I regret my reaction. It seemed the kitchen sink faucet broke, again. I watched water droplets accumulate at the small, tarnished opening. I monitored my rising annoyance. The droplets hugged the circular rim, tight. Not unlike how I hug _1_ and _2__. __3__, too. As I thought of __4__, I saw the ring strengthen and surge. New possibilities emerged. I watched the water rings breathe. Honestly, I did. Inhale, exhale. Again. I did the same. Inhale, exhale. Again. After what seemed like an eternity of holding back, the droplets burst. Their thin then thicker protective veil punctured. With no warning. Suddenly, energy met gravity and fresh water met stainless steel residue. Once dusty surfaces were washed clean, again. My own mood cleansed, too. My mind turned to __5__ and __6__. __7___’s cape, too. Maybe the faucet wasn’t broken after all Maybe its purpose is unlike that I initially thought. And unlike that I initially assumed. I’m easily distracted. Today, I was uneasily tested. For the largest of reasons and I reviewed my reactions. It seemed another submission was rejected, again. Yet now I know that most all that is broken can be fixed. __8__. __9__, too. And all that is assumed can be questioned. Not all distractions, words, or wizards wear capes. Not all annoyances, faulty faucets, or reviews are cape worthy. Revision is always an option. And faucets nothing more than a device that flows and surges of new possibility.


Jen Schneider is an educator, attorney, and writer. She lives, writes, and works in small spaces throughout Philadelphia. Recent work appears in The Popular Culture Studies Journal, Toho Journal, The New Verse News, Zingara Poetry Review, Streetlight Magazine, Chaleur Magazine, LSE Review of Books, and other literary and scholarly journals.


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