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Revealing - Megan Griffin

When the rumors

start we know

we are children

living in adult bodies.

I wonder how girls

who played with me

at Chuck E. Cheese

are now mothers


Mothers like mine

are concerned

with modesty.

Teaching us to conceal

parts that crave

the sunlight.

I dare to don

my first bikini.

Relishing in the blue

and white striped top

hugging my breasts

and the ruffled bottom

that barely reaches

my belly button.

For the first time I say

This is my body.

I want it to be seen

and I want it to be free.


Megan Griffin is an emerging writer from the Quiet Corner of Connecticut whose work mainly explores the themes of grief and nature. She earned her MA in English from Bridgewater State University and her work has been published in Barrelhouse, Brevity, Months to Years, and Parhelion. You can find her on Twitter @MegGrif1023.



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