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resonanting flautando - Lauren M. Hancock

I’ve been becoming more the more I realise I don’t need to store those angsty jealous feelings there’s so much in store in life if I control their lack of desire lack of fire lack of attraction so much inaction and I find, I find that there’s no need for me to hide the precious parts of me to flautando over that fingerboard so softly spoken I can roar I can scream I can be everything I’ve ever wanted to be because the one the right one will see me truly for me and accept me –

Do I even need to be accepted? no… but it would be nice to be seen wholly. sometimes life is cut-throat, like glass to the apple of adam and eve cried cried cried but what say the world to telling the truth – what a strange device! dreamscapes of mine, yours and mine, dear loves, beckon to the field of my mind and travel me with until I can find and absorb the truest style vibrato resonates deep within and I can be myself all the while. Let us see what will present this time… enjoy the merry-go-round with me and lines and lines will file alongside one another with future occupants carrying devilish smiles.


Lauren M. Hancock is a poet, artist, violinist, author and teacher from Melbourne, Australia. Her collection, 'Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories' was released in 2019, and her chapbook 'Keepsakes of Hope and Despair', a memoir-style collection, was published in 2021. Lauren regularly posts her poetry, spoken word and artwork on her author site, and Instagram. Through her writings, she enjoys exploring the psyche, soul, and highlighting the spirit within. She has recently begun to collaborate with other poets and loves the opportunity to meld with their style and share her own individual style also.


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