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Period Presence - Emily Miller

Goodbye was like later, loser,

don’t let college kill you,

and then college killed you.

Or the alcohol did.

Or the car ride, wasted—I know

you were smarter than that.

But you fucked up, you were twenty-two,

can’t really blame you.

It’s weird to think I’m almost

older than my oldest friend.

And maybe it’s the period blood

dripping between my thighs

like your blood all over that oak

tree in the Baptist church’s dismal

lot, but I feel you here right now,

smiling over my shoulder, laughing

because you know it was your bad

but if we don’t tell your mom

it’ll be okay; we’ll go to Disney

and eat ice cream shaped like Mickey’s

head and it’ll be okay.


Emily Miller is a recent graduate of Saint Leo University in St. Leo, Florida, where she received her BA in English with a specialization in creative writing. Her work has been published in Inklette Magazine, The Dandelion Review, Sandhill Review's 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 issues, and is forthcoming in Red Cedar Review and The Dollhouse Magazine. When not writing she can be found cuddling with her five cats and devouring frozen pizza. Connect with her on Instagram @actualprincessemily, or view her portfolio on


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