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Peace - Samantha Smith

the slick and razor edges

of the roaring sea cut

cracked and burned skin.

this body was heavy and weak

the muscles tired and worn;

i allowed this vessel to sink

beneath the abyss.

golden light pierced the depths

in an effort to lead me to safety.

i pretended i did not see the signs.

lured and lulled into slumber by

the sound of the crashing sea spray,

i did not awaken at the

threat of suffocation.

there, the walls of mercy trembled.

there, my flaws did not go unnoticed.

the deceptive lilt of the waves

beckoned me to forget the

name i was given and

the way true love felt.

my eyes were not opened

until gentle hands,

tinged with a warm righteousness,

coaxed me from the grasp of the sea.

I will not forget the soft voice that

has filled me with hope or

those graceful eyes that have become

my solace, my refuge.

that summer I found a home,

still and steady on the cliffside.

those hands worked quickly

to mend the broken layers of flesh,

to put out the fire that once burned

and ravaged my lungs.

compassionate kisses soaked up my tears

as if to heal me.

as if to love me.


Samantha Smith is a senior in college. She grew up in Berea, Kentucky. Samantha has no idea where life will take her, but she supposes the mystery is part of the fun.


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