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On These Nights Out To Drink Away One’s Sorrows - Carmen Corridan

You nearly spew lemon vodka but

rough peels wedge your throat.

You use that as an excuse for the

tears when the strobe lights neon

your face pink, it’s killing my eyes

you say to no one, over and over

with your hands in the air

like a steel fan. You’re a hazard

to everyone around you.

The belle of the ball in stilettos

wielding daggers as you kick

out to the dubstep digging

power tools into your bones,

drilling right through marrow.

The music has no where else

to go now. You trapped it.

A scared animal flinging against

the cage, growling continually

as you spin and spin to its tempo.


Carmen Corridan (she/her) lives in Ireland. She's been published in Impossible Archetype. She enjoys reading, writing at ridiculous hours of the night and being a cat mom to a crazy ginger.


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