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Nida - Giverny Withers

A patient serenade,

A timeless toll

this cyclical sign speaks of failure.

What fate lies for this committer of premature infanticide?




Tenebrionid flutter overhead, above this defiled throne -

they have sought their dark place but bring no jubilations of holiness.

She, a fruitless vessel, is a target of raillery,

mocked by her own tardiness,

deluged by all that is natural.

Unnourished and unable to bring further satisfaction

seven days of lamentation lie ahead -

until Hope can come again.


Giverny Withers is a teacher in Buckinghamshire, England. She has a degree in Classical Civilization, which inspires her writing along with an interest in religion. Giverny is intrigued by etymology and symbolism, both of which are found within her poems. Emotional turmoil and the downfall of man are the focus of many of her pieces of writing.


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