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Naming Nail Polish - Corie Johnson

Last night I managed to renew my lease in my sleep indeed it did bring me worry not because I had plans to move but because of my overcooked put-a-fork-in-it done mental state there are three simple words every girl yearns to hear: Vintage Vinyl Bag In my idyllic green round world I am paired with a quirkily fonted and brief but informative enough pamphlet of context so as to not overwhelm unfamiliar visitors and a DNR ring which if you lack common sense is a DNR bracelet but for whichever finger you find suits you best. I refuse to wear pants zipping up a pair of jeans I've just squeezed my skin into brings back Brooklyn.


Corie Johnson is a comedian, poet, maker of small things and an enneagram type 4 “living” in Los Angeles. She has been published in Peachfuzz Magazine, The Luna Collective Mag and some other places, she promises.



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