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Modern Slavery (Senryu series) - Bree Leto

Steal another life

To make a rich man richer

Work them to the bone

Break a soul in two

To increase the bank balance

Of a soulless man

Pay for her body

But never see the human

Before your blind eyes

Selfish lust consumes

Without a thought for the girl

Whom you will discard

Fields full of plant life

Debt-bondage takes the rewards

Leaving only dust

In the dirt and muck

A purposeless existence

Making cheap products

The latest fashion

Made by invisible slaves

All for vanity

Blissful ignorance

With every dollar you spend

Keeping them enslaved

Modern slavery

Stems from everyday choices

You hold the power


Bree Leto writes to connect with the hearts of people from all walks of life and give their thoughts a voice. Her work has been published in a number of anthologies and online poetry magazines. Enjoy more of Bree’s work at


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