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Marriage On A Sunday Morning - AnneMarie Miles

An angel sounds less angelic at 6AM on a Sunday,

to my surprise, he takes her and I’m grateful

he got the hint today

my body gets to stay asleep but my ears passive

wanderers, the record playing a girl and her daddy

and the new puzzle that came in the mail.

Part of me wants to see her complete it the first time,

missing out and guilt, the shawl I wear beneath clothes,

but so many other firsts have already been mine,

the day ahead of me calculating behind eyelids,

lists and self-imposed obligations, maybe fun, too.

He brings me coffee, another surprise, and I hope

this moment isn’t taken away because I’m not dreaming

in a literal sense

when I emerge, the sight of play warm, and the smell

of scrambled eggs absent in the air, I wonder

if he knows it’s not a favor if he didn’t make breakfast.


AnneMarie Miles studied psychology at CSULB and Notre Dame de Namur University, but is currently pursuing her love for creative writing. Her poetry can be read in the online cultural magazine, Prometheus Dreaming, as well as in Lucky Jefferson's fourth issue, Introspection. AnneMiles lives with her husband, daughter, and pitbull in Santa Cruz, California where she makes handcrafted jewelry and is studying to teach yoga.

AnneMarie is a runner up for the Fall 2020 Sad Girls Club poetry contest.


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