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Marigold - Phoebe Brookes

Marigolds tied tightly together

morning dew dripping from every petal.

I picked them for the man on the corner

whose needles lay abandoned in blue puddles.

I fear that he would rather take my money

but the smile that cracks his dry mouth disagrees

Despite the dark red blood that peppers his lips

I think his is the prettiest smile I have ever seen.


Phoebe Brookes is a third-year English Literature student who writes poetry and short stories as much as she possibly can. This is Phoebe's first time sharing her work, but she is constantly writing and looking for authorship opportunities. She is also working on her first novel when she can find time between classes. Phoebe's literary influences include Sylvia Plath, John Steinbeck, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Margaret Atwood.


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