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Manic Pixie Dream Girl - Lily Gavazov

People have a bad habit

of falling in love with me

at bus stops, in taxi cabs,

on motorcycles, in secret labs.

It saved a lot of money

when I was drinking and drugging.

I’d quit months ago, but when

I happened upon a half-empty

pack of cigarettes, I smoked the rest

because I hadn’t bought them

recently. I let a sad boy bum some

after my home group. He had

a few years, I hadn’t hit one.

We got coffee and he tried

to kiss me. I said I wasn’t ready,

and he got angry. So, I watched as he walked out

of meetings. Once my ex overdosed,

I knew I couldn’t save anyone,

regardless of how much glitter, indie music, or

Naloxone I threw at them.


Lily Gavazov is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Creative Writing. She currently lives in Chapel Hill, N.C.


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