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Mania, My Mistress - Alesa Bernat

Mania, my mistress -

I hide you away from prying eyes

lie awake, agitated, unsated

you leave me wane and wanting

Mania, my mistress -

You exaggerate the sum of happiness

elevate all ideas until every thought

takes flight on rapid beating wings.

Mania, my mistress -

There is pressure of speech

intent on lighting fire to my lips

covering me with compulsions

to fill all space with words.

Mania, my mistress –

You bewitch me.

I am captured in your noose.

Release me.


Alesa Bernat is a speech-language pathologist, mother, wife, and writer. Diagnosed with Hypomania Bipolar Depression she continues to work on self-love and healing. She advocates for better access to mental health supports in her area. Alesa’s poems have been featured in Zplatt, Plattsburgh State University College Literary Journal as well as the Black River Review, A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Fine Arts. She is currently self-publishing her debut poetry book about mental health, spirituality, and love.


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