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LUCK - Pam Impson

Clover carpet at my feet

Curls between my naked toes

Greener than an emerald

Stolen from its earthy bed

Pick and pluck

Four leaves for luck

Tell me that

He loves me now

Puddles shaped like footprints bare

Stained by rain remain

Wildflowers wilt to weathered weeds

Two lucky leaves lie on the ground

A pocketful of fading green

Telling me

He loves me not Luck is like a blooming bud

When it’s sweet and leaves are green

A ripened kiss

On summer nights

A dance beneath the solemn stars

Three leaves are plucked

He loves me now

One more leaf for luck

Falling leaves

He loves me not

The smell of rain is close

Muddy footprints wander off

Emeralds sleep in earthy beds

Green as fields of clover buds

That whisper in my summer dreams

Telling me that love grows wild

And luck lives longer left unplucked


Pam Impson lives in El Cajon, CA and works for a nonprofit organization. In her spare time, she reads and writes poetry and frequently attended dances and live concerts prior to Covid. Pam's greatest pleasure is hanging out with her granddaughters and learning about the world from their perspective.


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