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Love is Famous - Kristen Barker

Love gets to be famous

as it boasts effortlessly


its' grip.

A crazed paparazzi

never apologizing for its' boldness.

Love gets to be famous

belting out noisy verses,

free and untarnished.

A pompous lead singer

fluently chanting

what we've imagined.

Love gets to be famous

methodically arranging

tomorrows' itinerary

to spend in concert.

A manic event planner

not budging on a single detail.

Love gets to be famous

Collecting fragments of a heart

as it progresses

down an uncertain path.

A gale force wind

surprising yet familiar.


Kristen Barker is a new writer. Often she writes children's poetry because it is refreshing and untainted. She is an outdoor advocate, enjoying biking, hiking, kayaking and the like.



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