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Love - Hannah Yoest

Sometimes it was obvious—

a cardinal in the snow.

Other times it would wait like a hawk

among bare branches. Not quite hidden,

not as lost as luck in clover, just obscured

or slightly out of sight. Sometimes

it wasn’t like a bird at all.

Without feathers—a naked thing.

A state of nature.


Hannah Yoest is an art director based in the east coast. Her poetry has been featured in several literary magazines including First Things, Columbia Journal, Atlanta Review, Barely South, Aperion Review, and others, in addition to being a finalist for a number of prizes.She is a graduate of the University of Virginia where she studied fine art. She has also studied at a number of poetry workshops including at the Iowa Writers Workshop summer course with Josh Bell, the Virginia Quarterly Review writers’ conference with Monica Youn, the Kenyon Writers’ Workshop with Carl Phillips, Columbia University with Dorothea Lasky, and Bread Loaf in Sicily.



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