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Lives Lost in 2020 - Marsha Johansen

Stuart gave David a ride in his cab

while still pursuing his lifelong dream

creating African American art

then bumped into Alan

a conductor with an amazing ear

who encountered Eastern

a veteran peacemaker

who hired Patricia

an auditor from San Jose

to share numbers with Marion

a great grandmother

who had Merle

an ordained minister

officiate her daughter’s wedding

one cloudy winter’s day

somewhere in Poughkeepsie

while Harvey lived out his life across

from the Yankee Stadium

sweet John from Philadelphia loved

capturing life events so brilliantly

on his camera

met Fernando, a graffiti artist

from New York City

he smiled at John from Terre Haute

a volunteer football coach

who’s mom was Clara

she sang her grandchildren songs

their first day of school each year

then traveled to visit her cousin Harry

who loved life near the ocean

swimming and boating in San Francisco

and cooked gourmet meals for Orlando

who came from Peru to live

with Vinton in Michigan

who’s oldest brother was Leo from Seattle

who wore bolo ties and suspenders

and survived to the ripe age of 98.


Marsha Johansen lives in Albuquerque, NM and holds a Bachelors in Business Management. Her collection of poems called "Around the Edges" was published in 2018. Her poems and prose have been published in The New York Magazine, Tulip Tree Publishing,, Fixed & Free Anthologies 2015/2018, New Mexico Poetry Society Chapbook and the Overseas Adventure Travel Magazine.



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