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Lessons Learned In An Italian Kitchen - Michele True

Fiori di zucca fritti undulates

in the mouth, caressing the tongue so sweet.

Unlike fried zucchini flowers—clunky

pebbles clash tinny against teeth. Meting

discordance until I watch my Nonna

select a slender male flower, blazing

gold into orange gilded velvet vibrance

Once he stood, glowing exposed to the sun

standing strong with stamen at the ready

until her scissors advanced, sliced toward

the garden of delicacies in search

of stalk and stem—chiffon like petals dipped

first in whipped egg mixture then into flour

thrown into hot oil, for us to devour.


Michele True is a post-graduate creative writer, a dog mom that goes overboard for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Coke Zero addict. She lives in the mountains of Tuscany, where she revels in a silence that's mostly broken by the sounds of local church bells. When she isn't writing poetry, she is translating Italian feminist poetry into English, polishing a finished screenplay, and working on her first novel.


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