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Invisible Me - Yvette Dove

You don’t see me standing on the edge,

Or what it’s taking me not to fall.

You don’t see me ever getting that low,

Or how I could even give up at all.

You don’t see me fight each day.

Or how hard the breathes are to take.

You don’t see me cry each morning,

Or how I’m sad because I’m awake.

You don’t see me admitting that I failed,

Or how much it hurts to feel ashamed.

You don’t see how much I despise my being,

Or how I think that I’m to blame.

You don’t see me when you never looked,

Or how you didn’t ask why I lived like this.

You don’t see me and it breaks my heart

To know that I wouldn’t even be missed.


Yvette Dove is from Nottingham, England, UK. She is a mother of five.


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