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In Doubt | Lydia Trethewey

After Berlinde de Bruyckere


the way we hang

together, limp

as a pair

of bloodied antlers,

anxiety bodied-out.


he is a growth of ribs

looped from my chest

to my groin


a teratoma with hair

and teeth


we are flesh bunched

around a torn ligament,


soft toes dangling,

hooked by the frame


Lydia Trethewey is a poet and artist based in Boorloo, Australia. Her practice explores experiences of nascent queerness. She is currently undertaking a PhD in poetry at Curtin University (WA, Australia), focusing on ekphrasis. Her work has appeared in various publications, including Beyond Queer Words, The Ekphrastic Review, and Spineless Wonders. She works in the Department of Art at Curtin University, where she received a PhD in visual art in 2018.



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